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Course Curriculum

13 Courses Designed to Change Your Life

    1. Your Self-Assessment Scores

    2. Self-Evaluation (Part 1)

    3. Self-Evaluation (Part 2)

    4. Self-Evaluation (Part 3)

    1. Why Have Values?

    2. Core Values and Standards

    3. Your Core Values

    1. Today's Women are Hurting Society

    2. Today's Women

    3. The Type of Woman You Should Desire

    1. The Dating Scene is a Mess

    2. Current Dating Environment

    1. Learn to Accept Rejection

    2. Building Confidence (Step 1)

    3. Building Confidence (Step 2)

    4. Building Confidence (Step 3)

    5. How Will You Build Confidence?

About This Course

  • $9.99
  • 46 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • 3 interactive practice scenarios
  • Rizz professionals on standby
  • Practice conversations with women

Access anywhere!

To gain access to the Official Rizzler University Discord, create a free account by clicking the "Free Preview" button at the top of the page and follow along the "IMPORTANT NOTES" lesson within the free "Introduction" course.

Turn Your Life Around
Unleash Your Potential

Find your best self. Find your perfect partner


    $199 Value

    Hours of content to completely change your life. Learn how to be the masculine man today's women desire


    $9.99 / Month

    Four one-on-one conversations with a dedicated Rizz professional to help guide you through a conversation, date planning, build confidence, and prepare you to win over any woman


    $9.99 / Session

    A one-on-one conversation with a Rizzler University expert woman who understands the current dating world. Here, you can practice your newfound rizz and confidence while receiving instant feedback on how you can improve to set yourself up for success in the real world

Rizz Progression in Four Weeks

  • No Rizz

    The last woman you talked to was your mom

  • Rizz Wizz

    You took what you learned from a few courses and had a genuine conversation with a potential partner

  • Rizz Lord

    You have graduated Rizzler University after talking to numerous women and are on your way to securing your future wife




They Unleashed Their Potential

Now It's Your Turn

“As a young man navigating the complexities of dating and relationships, I can confidently say that this platform has been a game-changer!

Before discovering Rizzler University, I often struggled with self-doubt and anxiety when it came to approaching and conversing with women. I felt lost and unsure about how to navigate the dating world and find true love. That's when I stumbled upon this incredible resource.
Rizzler University offers a comprehensive curriculum that not only teaches you how to gain confidence when talking to women but also empowers you to understand the deeper dynamics of forming meaningful relationships.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Rizzler University as I've not only learned how to strike up meaningful conversations with women but also gained valuable insights into what I truly want in a partner. I've grown as an individual, and the knowledge and skills I've acquired have not only helped me secure the love of my life but also fostered healthier relationships in all aspects of my life.” Hamilton D.


  • Where can I access the content?

    Thinkific has a great desktop and mobile version to view all the available content. You can alternatively join the Rizzler University Discord and watch the content from the ease of your mobile device

  • How do I join the Discord?

    The link the join the discord is here: https://discord.gg/SSEjjXmhXX You will be required to submit your Discord username (if applicable) when signing up through Rizzler University's Website, and you must provide your order number in the Discord's Verification Channel to gain access to the content

  • Is everything included in the Discord?

    No. You must use the online course to complete the interactive scenario modules. This can be done from a desktop or mobile device. The Discord provides a supplemental way to watch the course videos

  • What is available after the course?

    You will join a community of hundreds of young men eager to better themselves, improve their confidence, and secure that special someone. Moreover, you will have the option to meet one-on-one with Rizz Professors who have a proven track record of securing women for themselves and Rizzler University graduates. Finally, you can meet one-on-one with women who want to help young men build their confidence and improve their communication abilities

  • Where do I access the Rizz Professionals (Professors), Practice conversations with real women, and find troubleshooting help?

    All of this will be available on the Discord. Moderators are always available to assist with any issues

  • Will I die alone?

    You will if you pass this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity